Creative Women’s Club Workshop

10556498_753076788088951_7330023122788604238_nLast night the Creative Women’s Club (CWC) met at La Roma Restaurant for a night of good food, paired with a workshop class on how to make my garden troll, “Peter Pot Peeper”. The workshop is designed for beginners, but the ladies were very apprehensive about their ability to create what seemed like such a detailed project. I could see the lightbulbs going off as we tackled each step and suddenly their creative juices started flowing and their individuality came shining through. It was so much fun!

Scientific studies tell us that art has the power to heal, change a person’s physiology and attitude, emotional state and even pain perception. It is often used as therapy to help patients. In general art can transform a person’s outlook and perceptions. Last night was wonderful because we saw this happening right before our eyes.

Here are some pictures from last night and the amazing results. Don’t forget to check out my website at or my facebook page at

10537420_753076844755612_7577959902388232102_n  IMG_9742 IMG_9740 IMG_9736 IMG_9728 IMG_9729 IMG_9731 IMG_9732

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2 Responses to Creative Women’s Club Workshop

  1. Kathy Trim says:

    Hi Maria! Love the blog! Is it possible to find out more about the Creative Women’s Club?

    • Hi Kathy, the Creative Women’s Club meets the last wednesday of every month at La Roma Restaurant. Maria Papalia, the owner prepares a special menu just for us, about $35 per person. Every month we have a different topic or theme and just enjoy each other’s company and let everyone know what we are up to individually. This is not a service club, simply women getting together and enjoying each other’s company. On August 27th, Amanda, the owner of Vincent fashions will be presenting on fall fashion trends. Monique is joining me and you are welcome to come along as well. Let me know and I will make the reservations.

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