Do You See What I See?

Every artist tries to convey a message through their work. Sometimes it takes a little work on the audience’s part to figure out what the artist is trying to say or the feelings they are trying to project. I remember taking my 8 year old niece to the National Gallery and playing a game where she had to guess either the name of the piece or tell me how it made it her feel. There was a modern art installation that showed a very large thick rope curled and squiggled on the floor over a very large area . . . her interpretation . . .  this one makes me feel shaky! She was right!

_D3_3489Last week I got one of the best compliments and interpretations of my work, from a fellow artist and member of the National Capital Network of Sculptors (NCNS), Kathy Bergquist. She saw what I was trying to capture and she put it in words perfectly. Kathy wrote: “I saw your pieces at Orange and they were wonderful! I was particularly fond of “Gossip in the Park”. What struck me about the Gossip piece is how perfectly you capture a universal human behaviour, but also how the incredible details situate it in a specific time and place. _D3_3493 _D3_3494The way you dress your pieces tells the viewer so much about who these people are, where they live, their social status, and about individual personality. Very cool. 

Enjoy art!

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