Opening Night

Thursday night was the opening of the Orange Art Gallery’s Summer Exhibit and a meet and greet with some of the artists. It was a fun night and I look forward to more of these inspiring evenings. Artists tend to get lost in their own little worlds. We spend most of our time in studio trying to create the pictures in our minds and hoping for a connection with our audience, but in the process we often lose track of the physical connection. Shows or evenings like these, give us the one-on-one feedback and acknowledgement we need to feel energized to continue creating.

It was interesting to meet new people who are not familiar with my medium. Compared to traditional mediums, polymer clay is still relatively new in the fine art world. Customers were taken back by the life like qualities of the skin, so there were several requests to touch and feel. I put a lot of little details in my sculptures hoping that people discover something new each time they look at the piece. Sure enough, some of those little details caught a few eyes and created a wonderful chain reaction of delight. I’m re-energized and re-inspired and ready to tackle some new work next week.

IMG_9942Checking out the details on “Feeding the Pigeons”.  





Here areIMG_9628 a couple of photos of ladies relating to “Gossip in the Park”IMG_9621

New friendsIMG_9620 and fellow artist Russ Paquette.  Russ does some amazing paintings of Nova Scotia landscapes and seascapes which reminded me of the wonderful weekend my husband and I had in Nova Scotia last month. Russ and his family have great faces, so this photo is going in the idea vault for a possible future sculpture.  

This wire sculpture is a new addition in the Orange Art Gallery’s main exhibit room. An incredible, larger than life metal sculpture.IMG_9622

The exhibit opening landed on the same night as my high school reunion dinner. I couldn’t make dinner, but my friends came out to the gallery to show their support. Love these girls!






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