Mood Swings

It’s always fascinated me how the chain of information spreads from person to person. The interpretation and the range of human emotions and reactions are so different. One of Norman Rockwell’s illustrations sticks out in my mind. It’s called “Gossip”. This was a different time and information moved at a slower pace, but it shows how each person reacts differently to the same information, from shock to delight to anger.

Today, information moves at lightening speed and we are bombarded with news and opinions and events from multiple sources. Because of this we find ourselves on daily – actually, minute by minute emotional rollercoasters. It’s hard to stay calm sometimes and we are always looking for ways to improve our mood.

As a figurative artist, I already unconsciously focus on people’s faces, so I can’t help but notice the increase in mood swings expressed through people’s facial expressions. Maybe the isolation of the pandemic has left us feeling less inhibited or maybe we’ve just had enough and we’re not afraid to show what we are thinking. Either way, it’s inspired me to create my series “Mood Swings”.

Mood Swings focuses on the face and the character’s expression without the distraction of the body or costume. I’m hoping my viewers will connect with the character’s expression and fill in the story as it relates to their mood. I love creating these characters. There’s no lack of inspiration around me, or for that matter, staring right back at me from the mirror.

Prices start at $295. Mood Swings are available as 12″ busts mounted on 6″ x 6″ pedestals or as mini 7-8″ characters. They are available at the NAK Gallery, located at 1285 Wellington West in Ottawa or online at

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