Fish with Faces

A few years ago I developed a series of smaller sculptures for an exhibit supporting the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa.  Expanding on a polymer relief class I was teaching at the time, “Fish with Faces” came to be. These whimsical little humanized fish floating above sanded and polished burls of wood were a big hit, and sold out at the exhibit.

Since then “Fish with Faces” has become an ongoing series available exclusively at Studio 87 in Perth, Ontario. I’ve done them in various sizes and colours and I give them beautiful Italian names that reflect their mediterranean influence and a sense of peacefullness. Names like Sogno d’Acqua, Mare Azzurro and the two latest fish to find new homes, Tranquillita and Riposo.

Resin coral reefs support the two newest additions to the collection –  Aquaril and Meditazione. Brass rods support the fish over the reefs or wood burls, and tiny glass bubbles either pop from their mouths or are supported on their tails. The fish are sculpted from Living Doll and Sculpey.

You can find the whole collection at Studio 87, located at 87 Gore Street East in Perth, ON. Also available are my exclusive Galaxy Bowls and Pendants in polymer clay and 24K Gold. Only $40 – a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Check it out at


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