Storytelling Vingette

Just before Christmas I finished a very special portrait commission. My client unveiled it as a surprise to her family on Christmas Eve, and has now given me permission to share it with you. The commission is of her late parents. When we first began discussing this commission, my client shared little bits and pieces of who her parents were, what they liked, where they came from and little personality traits that only close family members would know. It was clear this needed to be more than just a portrait commission, it needed to tell their story. We created a list of over 20 details to incorporate into this portrait commission. Designing this piece as a vignette was how I was able to include all these details. Some are obvious; some are subtle; some you have to search for – but all these details gave her and her siblings great joy over the holidays as they celebrated their family and remembered their parents.

The obvious details . . . their favorite colours; their love of books; piping hot coffee and Coffee Mate; wedding photo and anniversary photo; pineapples and crocheting.

The subtle details . . . Their roots in Guyana, hence the pineapple upholstery; the choice of books a reflection of their hobbies and passions; jigsaw puzzles; her favorite red rimmed glasses;

The hard to find details . . . His ring is engraved with her nickname for him; he’s reading a book of quotes with the page open to the quotes used on their tombstones; her wedding bands, watch and simple silver necklace are gifts from him.

If you are interested in how I created this vignette, check out my YouTube Channel for a little slideshow on the process.



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  1. S Lee Klein says:

    Had trouble doing a comment this time. The couple are wonderful. As usual your work is great. Shirley Lee Klein

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