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Here’s something new from my studio . . . 15 very special little Elves.
I’ve hand-sculpted the face of each one-of-a-kind Elf. They are dressed in dark green striped leggings and t-shirt and green suede shorts, overalls, skirt or tunic. Their outfits are finished with a beautiful embroidered trim. Their little red velvet hats are trimmed with recycled fur and a vintage brass bell.

This collection is a collaboration with Denis Bastien who is the owner, designer and “Dad” of the Leeann Doll.

Denis has allowed me to use the vinyl ball-jointed doll bodies he designed, to create this series of elves. The collection is a test for the possible introduction of a new artist’s limited-edition series in the future. The ball-jointed bodies allow for a full range of realistic movement; head, wrist and feet turns and tilts, even torso turns. Each little Elf is $75.

The collection will be available at the Wall Candy Art Expo on Thursday, November 8th or by getting in touch with me via email at

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  1. S Lee Klein says:

    Just spoke to your daughter- hung up and the door bell rang. They are so cute. The fella with the pants had a broken finger, but I found the finger in the box and it was a clean break – super glue seems to be working on him just fine. I thought you stated they were $75 each, so I will send a check for $150. I would love to have coffee. I have appointments from 1 pm to late in the day Tuesday the 27th and Friday the 30th from1:30 to dinner time . I can cancel Tuesday afternoon if I know in advance, but Friday is a doctors appointment in McLean. I love my two new fellas as I knew I would.

    Blessings, Shirley Lee Klein

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