The Ultimate Selfie . . . A MINI !

IMG_3985Historically an aristocratic tradition, today, getting your portrait done is more than an exercise in vanity it’s an opportunity to be a part of the artistic process. On Tuesday night, I unveiled a series of mini portrait sculptures interpreting the street fashion photography of Katie Hession from YOW City Style. Although easily recognizable, these 12-14″ figurative sculptures are also about capturing the personality and essence of the subject. Christened the YOW MINI, these little mini portraits are the Ultimate “Selfie”. This unique collaboration of art and street fashion made the evening a huge success.

 “Andy Warhol’s portraits in the 1960s mark the last time the genre of IMG_4727portrature could have conceivably been called avant-garde—and yet the best portrait painters and sculptors are still highly sought after, charging massive sums, and commanding profound respect among the very wealthy. It’s a prolific segment of contemporary art that’s been hiding in plain sight for years.” James Tary, 2015

Screen shot 2016-06-09 at 3.37.44 PM IMG_4730 IMG_4725Those of you who are familiar with my work know that I am best known for my realistic yet whimsical figurative sculptures. I try to capture those everyday moments in time that feels familiar and that we can connect with on a personal level. My medium is polymer clay and textiles. I like to say that I channel Norman Rockwell’s illustrative style through sculpture. My usual portrait commissions are in the 20-24″ size and take anywhere from 30 to 50 hours to complete. However, the YOW MINI is a condensed, more affordable version. Only $500 they are the ultimate gift to mark those special birthdays, anniversaries or milestones, or simply . . . the ultimate “selfie” to celebrate you.




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1 Response to The Ultimate Selfie . . . A MINI !

  1. Alice Hinther says:

    These are amazing Maria! The likeness is uncanny.

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