New Web Site – New Products

Today I launched my new website. I thought it would be an overwhelming project, but with the help of Shopify I was able to create an easy-to-use site. I did this so I could update and manage the site myself. Please let me know what you think. You can find me at

IMG_7359I’m introducing several new products that I hope you will enjoy. First are the hand-sculpted ornaments. These characters are all one-of-a-kind and look amazing on your Christmas tree. Each is hand sculpted in polymer clay directly onto a wood spool. A finial is added to the top and bottom and hand-painted in a rich old world red. A beautiful addition to your collection or as a gift. Along the same lines are my spool sculptures. These Old World Santas are sculpted on vintage wooden spools that range from 4 to 10 inches tall. These antique wooden spools add additional old world charm to my sculptures. They are stand alone pieces that look beautiful on your mantle or table.

What else is new? Teaching you how to do what I do. This year I dipped my toes into the world of teaching by offering workshops and kits that you can assemble yourself. There’s a bit of a learning curve involved when you are used to working by yourself at your own pace, but with the help of some good friends and good advice, my first few workshops have been successful and hopefully more of you will be interesting in learning some of my techniques and exploring your creative side. Here’s a little note I received from one of my students.


“I have to write to tell you how much I truly enjoyed working with you yesterday.  I am absolutely so in love with my first clay fairy that I swear, I woke during the night and snuck downstairs just to look at her.

Please feel free to add any of my comments to your blog.  I have only worked with clay on a few occasions and was hesitant at first as I have seen photos of Maria’s sculptureson her blog.  They are so detailed, I thought at first site, they were the most beautiful fairies  I have ever seen.  Each one coming to life with a unique look.

When I arrived at Maria’s studio, she put me at ease right away, with her calming, easy going and pleasant demeanour.

As an instructor, I cannot say enough, she is patient and very easy to follow.  She teaches by sculpting right along with you, showing you every step of the process to create your own beautiful fairy.

I am so pleased with my very first fairy sculpture, I cannot wait to start my second.  I would recommend this class for anyone who was ever thinking they might like to work with clay.

I also enjoyed working with Maria and was so surprised at how easy she was to follow, that I am signing up for her next course right away.  She is a true artist and anyone would be truly crazy not to take an opportunity to work with her.”

Thank you again so much

Looking forward to your next class

Kim Stevens

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