Bathtime Fairies


Spring is just around the corner and for those of you who believe in magic, you know it’s when those mystical and mischievous characters wake up from their winter slumber. What better way to dust off the winter than with a refreshing bubble bath. These little fairies find all sorts of places to wash off the winter blues and sparkle their wings.

These one of a kind bathing fairies are only 6-7″ tall and are made from polymer clay and my secret formula bubbles.
This year I’m getting ready to share some of my secret techniques and methods by offering several workshops.


Bathtub Fairies will be one workshop available in my studio. This one will also be available as an online class.

I will also have workshops scheduled for Making Silicone Molds and Resin Casting, Making a 24″ One-of-a-Kind Heirloom Santa and Making a Faerie Godmother (packaged kits include resin body cast). Classes and workshop will begin in June.

Let me know if you are interested in any of the workshops and I’ll add your name to the list. More information to follow.

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2 Responses to Bathtime Fairies

  1. JoAnn says:

    I have a doll (old lady) with your tag on it. the tag says My Faerie Godmother on one side and The Saracino Collection on the back.( doll has numerous sewing items on it.) Can you tell me how old it is or any info. about this. I bought this for a gift to my sister and I would love to tell her the story behind it; she is a sewer. Please e-mail me because I’m not sure I will know how to get back to this sight.

    • You have one of my Craft Room Faerie Godmothers. I started making these whimsical fairies about 10 years ago as something different than my usual christmas collection. I displayed 5 of them at a local show for the first time and a cat fight almost broke out between some customers. I decided to make molds and reproduce them in resin. Over the years they have caught the attention of both men and women, not only for themselves, but as great gifts for someone who has everything. I’ve customized some of them like the craft room faerie that you have – I’ve made kitchen faeries, red hat society faeries, kitchen witch faeries, garden faeries and lately, bathtub faeries surrounded by bubbles. The faerie that got the most attention was the Love Faerie. At one show in particular, one of the vendors purchased a faerie dressed in red and I jokingly said she would bring her some love luck. An hour later the vendor came back and excitedly told me she had just got invited to dinner. When you are part of a show community, word spreads fast and everyone was looking for a love faerie after that. I’m not sure these little ladies have the power to make things happen, but one thing is for sure, they can bring a smile to your face. I’m still make a few faeries, but I am also offering faerie kits this year. The box has all the parts and accessories to put one together, the only thing you need is your own fabric to make her dress so she can be whatever you want her to be. You can check out the kits at This same website has the list of shows I’ll be participating in October and November. Hope your sister enjoys her Faerie Godmother and I wish both your, and her wishes, all come true.

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