Back to Work

Our trip has come to an end. We celebrated American Thanksgiving in Bristol, Tennessee and my granddaughter’s second birthday in Sterling, Virginia. We’re back in Canada now and I’m back to work finishing more elves and packaging and shipping another batch of orders. Just a reminder that the last mailing date for guaranteed delivery before Christmas is December 12th.

I have some bad news – we’ve sold out of the new 2011 Elves. However I still have some Elves from last year’s collection available – Albert, Jacob, Rowen and Oliver, but I only have few “Gwendolyns” left.

Naked Elves are still available as well.

Stay tuned, some pictures of creatively dressed elves are on their way in the next couple of days.

Here’s a photograph of my granddaughter Cameron – I’m reading her the story of the Elves and as you can see a group of them are eavesdropping.

Below is a platter of sweets I made for her 2nd birthday party.  You’ll recognize the mice from a previous post. If you liked those, you’re going to love the peanut butter pretzel cookies in the middle of the platter. They are sooooo easy to make and both adults and kids loved them.

1 cup of peanut butter

1 cup of brown sugar

1/2 cup of icing sugar

2 tablespoons of softened butter

mix together and place a dollop between two pretzels.  Refrigerate or better yet, freeze for 15 minutes. Melt some semi-sweet chocolate chips and dip half the cookie in the chocolate and place on parchment lined cookie sheet to harden.  Refrigerate. Warning – you may have to make a double batch.

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