Road Trip

We left for Virginia at 7:00 am – a great day for travelling.
I prepared a little bag of supplies and a naked elf who was ready for his transformation.
The first thing I did was loosen some stitches on the sweater ornament around the neck, slipped it over his head and arms and stitched it back up again.  If you read the previous post, the sweater is an ornament that I found that looked like it would fit an elf . . . it does . . . a perfect fit!

I sewed on some buttons and slipped on his knickers.

Then I removed his feet.  The reason I did this is because I found some great skates that were hollow inside. So the challenge was to create an extension to his leg that would fit into the skate. I tied a 3 inch dowel to each leg and then taped it in place with athletic tape. I taped it all the way down the dowel so that the glue would have something to stick to. I filled the cavity of the skate with glue and inserted the wooden legs into the skate and let it dry for a couple of hours.

After the legs dried.  I gathered the bottom of the knickers and sewed on a little white fur around where the knickers meet the top of the skates.

Here he is all finished on the dash board.

As a matter of fact, I think that will be his name . . .  “DASH”.

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1 Response to Road Trip

  1. Shirley Lee Klein says:

    He is darling. slk

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