Studio Open House

I’m holding a Studio Open House this weekend for my local customers and friends. Anyone in the Ottawa, Ontario area is welcome. I’ve decorated the house with my Elves and Santa as well as some of my original works. I wanted to share a few arrangement ideas I’ve created using the elves that I thought would inspire you. This first one is a little baking corner. I’ve used an old stool for the baking table and whatever I could find to create the scene. The miniature “Joy of Cooking” book is available on my website, but you can also find them at any Hallmark Store for about $5. It’s a very cute scene and I think it would work really well with a ginerbread house theme as well.

This next photo shows my staircase with a gaggle of elves spilling down the stairs. I also like to hide them around the house so that they surprise people. I’ve got a happy little elf hiding in my medicine cabinet in my guest powder room. My grandkids get such a kick out of opening the cabinet door and being surprised by “Gabriel”. I’ve even put one in the fridge with a sign warning my family to stay away from the leftover cake.

This last photo shows a few elves hanging around a potted hanging poinsetta. They add a touch a whimsy and magic to everything. You just gotta love them!

Don’t forget to send me photos of how you position the elves in your home to share with our collectors.

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