Collector’s Decorating Ideas

Some of my collectors have sent me their decorating ideas to share with you. It’s great to see how the Elves have become part of your holiday tradition. Here are two great ideas.

Christine from Ontario creates a little frozen moment in time with a whimsical snowball display. She picked up these mini styrofoam balls at the local dollar store and after a little Elmer’s Glue and glitter, stacked them for a mini snowball fight. She positioned the Elves to look like they are in mid action. A little dab of glue keeps the snowballs in the Elf’s hand and is easy to remove if you change your display.

Joanne from North Carolina puts a few Elves in her wreath to create a personalized welcome to her home. This arrangement is super easy to do. All you need is a plain store bought wreath and six yards of ribbon. Use half the ribbon to weave in and out around the wreath. Use the other 3 yards to create a large bow that you attach to the top. Position two or three Elves in the wreath using the wired greenery to hold them in place. Glue a few gift packages in and around. Print a personlized welcome banner on your computer and have the Elves hold it in place. Instead of gift packages use pinecones or mini toys to create your own unique version.

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