My Little Elf . . .

From a client in North Carolina,
This gaggle of Elves are climbing up one of the red wood ladders my husband made around 2005

Many years ago, and for a period of about 10 years, I created a gift line of wire-bodied resin elves. They were very popular during the Christmas season and my customers looked forward to adding new characters to their collection every year. There were 10 costume series and a total of 30 different elves. I disappointed a few people when I retired the line around 2006, but it was time to move on. But the appeal and fascination with the elves continues and people still contact me about them every year. Some are looking to fill missing characters in their collections;  some want to tell me stories about how the elves have become part of their family’s traditions; some are ready to part with their collection and I try to connect them with other collectors; and now, with my help, some are learning how to make their own elves.

From a client right here in Ottawa, she likes to create scenes. Last year the Elves were in charge of placing the tree topper.

My clients send me photos of how they decorate with the elves. Here are a few photos that will start you thinking about decorating your home for the holidays.

If you want to try your hand at making your own original elf, check out for my online workshop called “My Little Elf”. No experience is necessary. Registration is open now. Once you register you’ll have access to the supply list so you can get ready. The class begins on November 13th. Once it is released you can download it and follow at your own pace. I warn you – you can’t just make one – you’ll want to make more to keep and to give away. Check it out at

Follow my blog at for more stories. Coming up in November:

November 13th – Picture Day at the Mall

November 19th – Julenisse the Norwegian Santa

November 26th – It’s the Little Things – How the Elves helped create a romantic moment.

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