A Story About the “Mémère” Elf

Last November I posted photos of some Christmas elves I made. Not long afterwards I received a message from someone who was in a frenzy to get her hands on one particular elf I had shown that looked just like her “Mémère” who had recently passed away. Unfortunately it was one of the first elves to sell and was already in it’s new home in Florida. This young woman was from Penetanguishene in Central Ontario. She was new to my website and my facebook page and she had been just casually coasting through Facebook when my page, and that particular photo popped up. It blew her away and she couldn’t stop thinking of it. Her grandmother had recently passed and her family was still mourning her loss – this photo popped up and looked 560CF3F3-FC83-452F-8C28-27C33491FC87_4_5005_cjust too much like her to ignore. She needed to buy this for her Mom.

It was late in the season and I was pretty well finished creating new work, let alone any more elves. She kept apologizing for being so persistent and sent me this photo to show me how much it looked like her Mémère. She pleaded for me to make another one. I wasn’t sure I wanted to take on another commission until I saw the photo she sent me. Then I understood.

It wasn’t a typical commission – it was an elf – an elf that looked like someone. Someone who was special and in many ways . . . like an elf.  I started work on it right away and managed to finish it the week before Christmas. The elf has a removeable hat so they can see her crazy hair. Here’s the finished piece.BDB7ADF4-80F6-421B-A081-CB946CBE3A4D_4_5005_c

It was shipped and arrived just in time for Christmas. After the holidays, I got this lovely note. “My mom was shocked and happy. Everyone saw my Memere when looking at her. She sits on our mantel 🙂 she is our forever elf.”

Job satisfaction?. . . Off the charts.

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2 Responses to A Story About the “Mémère” Elf

  1. Gail Garbe says:

    You are a very special person, Maria! This just confirms it – over the top.

  2. CAROL A. FERGUSON says:

    That is uncanny how much “Memere” looks identical to the original elf. As I was reading on I thought to myself, Maria will make the daughter one. And knowing you, I was right. You are so kind. Hugs Carol

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