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  1. MR Bell says:

    I’d love to see this same lovely woman’ side by side, with her 25-year-old self!

    • It’s an idea I’ve been playing with – there are a series of photos of older women who see their younger reflections in the mirror – I’m working on creating the same concept in sculpture. Stay tuned. Thanks for getting in touch. All the best.

  2. Beverly Kennedy says:

    Awesome! Did you paint the eyes — or are they glass? So realistic looking.

    • Thanks Beverly. I painted the eyes. I prefer this over using glass eyes, I feel I can create more expression. I finish them with a coat of triple thick brilliant gloss for that glass like effect.

  3. Dawn Jacobs says:

    Would love to make sculptures/dolls/figurines but so far all the clay classes I’ve taken are only for pottery or heavy, rough sculpture. I’ve been researching polymer clay. Is that what you use? Any tips on how I can get started? I live in a small Northern California town so would have to order all supplies online. Thanks for any suggestions.

    • Hi Dawn, yes I use polymer clay. I recommend Super Sculpey as a good clay to start working with. It’s available through most arts and craft stores like Michaels. There are many online workshops you can sign up for. I have some online tutorials available through my website at http://www.saracinocollection.com, but you can also find a wide range of projects from beginner to advanced at http://www.aforartistic.com
      I also recommend you follow http://www.sculpey.com they are the manufactures of polymer clay and there are some great resources on their pages. Good luck and I hope you give this a try, it’s addictive!

  4. cmbuss74 says:

    This is quite gorgeous. I use polymer clay, too, but what do you use for the hair? It’s just perfect!

  5. LollyAnn Hyde says:

    I am very interested in your work.
    I’m 67 years and have been accepting my toothless, wrinkles. I have the 30 year old photo that looks good.
    Wondering about time commitment and price? I live in Arizona

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