Hockey Night in Canada

Do Canadians love hockey? Well, for some, it’s what defines them as Canadians. They eat, live and breathe hockey. It’s our game. We invented it. We take pride in it. We turn out some of the best players in the world.

7Knowing this, it only makes sense that I include hockey in a Canadiana series of sculptures I’m working on. Currently I’ve done two pieces that explore our passion for the sport. This first piece is called “Hockey Night in Canada” and looks at the social aspect of hockey – how we gather to watch the game. Our obsession with our teams and the highs and lows of a goal. For my family, we are Ottawa Senators fans. Right now, they are struggling to stay alive and qualify for the playoffs. However, one of the big games coming up will be against their nemesis, the Toronto Maple Leafs. I’m hoping this is the scene that will play out in living rooms across the city of Ottawa.

IMG_9029The passion for hockey begins early in childhood, learning how to skate right after learning how to walk for some. “6am Hockey Practice” is an early morning ritual for many Canadian families. You can stand in front of community arenas in literally every town and city in Canada, no matter how big or small and see this same scene. It’s just Canadian! . . . By the way . . . that’s a Tim Horton’s dark roast coffee in his thermos cup 🙂

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