First Impressions

People always ask me where I get my ideas from. Of course, as part of the baby boomer generation, my own experiences often come into play, afterall, my husband and I pretty well line up with the trends and patterns of the largest demographic group in North America. I think that’s why “The Selfie” was so familiar for people who saw it – it resonated with my generation and the generation ahead of us who are trying to make sense of the technology revolution.

However, the most abundant source of ideas comes from simply observing. These observations go in my “Idea Vault” and sooner or later become the next sculpture.

First Impressions“First Impressions” and “Retail Therapy” are examples.

With shows like The Apprentice, Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank, as well as a slew of successful young entrepreneurs, a new generation has evolved that follows the mantra of “look successful and you will be successful”. What you wear, what you drive, where you live will all impact the trajectory of your life.       Today’s 30 somethings have sophisticated tastes in clothes, cars, food, wines, travel and just about everything. Technology has opened the doors and exposed all of us to things we would have never known only a short time ago.

4Retail Therapy is another piece that describes our fascination with “things”. I’ll admit I love shopping and I love a good bargain, but today’s consumer is obsessed with labels and status. Some people call it the Kardashian effect. The opening of the Tanger Outlets in Ottawa was proof with opening day traffic jams that blocked off the Queensway. That was the inspiration behind Retail Therapy. People are definitely more in touch with fashion, accessories and my weakness – shoes.  This is not necessarily a bad thing – one less person wearing pyjama pants to the grocery store is okay with me.

A new observation that has developed from this very trend in consumerism is the need and lack of skilled tradesmen. Recent reports indicate the shortage is at an all time high and is the next Canadian crisis. Apprenticeship training and certification are more in demand than ever and the opportunity for women in the trades is growing.

There you have it . . . the “Idea Vault” just got a new deposit.

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