The Witches of All Hallowed Eve

Image010The first day of October starts the season of sweaters, brisk evenings, cranking up the fireplace and celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving. But it’s also a month of planning for my second favorite holiday, Halloween. When my kids were little, the excitement of planning the perfect costumes consumed us and we spent weeks working on them. We loved getting dressed up and becoming someone else for at least one evening.
Although the kids came up with something different every year, for the most part I stuck with the witch costume. There’s something mystical about witches Image011and befanas that draws me to the character. Their aged faces, the shoes and stockings, the magic and mystery and then there is the fear – that sense that you could be drawn into something sinister. So it goes without saying that I would explore this theme in some of my sculptures. IMG_4197Here are a few of the witches I’ve created over the years IMG_7117including the most recent – “Witch Flight” a hanging piece that will welcome my friends at the door when they come over for a Witches Tea Party later this month. Happy October!

Here I am with one of my witchy friends.


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