Sculpting on the Road

I’m in Virginia this week visiting with my daughter and her family, in particular some quality time with my granddaughter. I flew with Air Canada. Before I left I made two decisions – only pack carry-on luggage to avoid the baggage charge and to bring along some polymer clay to work on a few things while sitting in front of the TV. Well I guess I didn’t think it through very well. Clay, especially uncured clay is a big no-no, especially in carry-on luggage. Well after much explanation, some photos and several phone calls by the customs officials to understand the properties of polymer clay, they accepted my stupidity defence and let me through with my clay. Lesson learned! Here are some hands I sculpted while sitting in front of the TV in Virginia 🙂


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1 Response to Sculpting on the Road

  1. Shirley lee klein says:

    Very good ,as usual. SLK

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