The Selfie

A few months ago my husband and I were struggling with our old cell phone and my son _D3_3477said something that struck a chord. He said we have a responsibility to stay up-to-date with technology. He’s right – everything revolves around technology and if you don’t stay current, you get left behind or you need your kids to do things for you. So at the risk of becoming helpless, we are forcing ourselves to learn how to use things we have no understanding of. That was the inspiration behind “The Selfie”. This sculpture shows an older couple trying to stay current by taking a self portrait with their new phone. The contradiction between old and new is evident not only from their lined faces, but also their surroundings, from the old braided carpet, the neat and pressed clothes to the woman’s puffy feet.

_D3_3478 _D3_3482 _D3_3483

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1 Response to The Selfie

  1. Shirley lee klein says:

    How realistic this is. The wife looking over the shoulder of her husband, which would be the way it is/was of that age. I suggest looking closely at the hands- wonderful.

    Shirley L . Klein

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