Tinseltown Christmas Emporium

Canada’s Capital finally has a year round Christmas store. Tinseltown Christmas Emporium celebrated their grand opening on Saturday, September 15th. They are also the exclusive Canadian representatives of my original Christmas sculptures.

You can’t miss my old world Father Christmas along with several other one-of-a-kind pieces – they are part of the store’s window display. The store is packed with unique ornaments, collectibles and home decor for the Christmas enthusiast. On the other side of the store you’ll find home decorating items, all with an old world feel to them.  My work is right at home in this environment.  If Canada’s capital is on your list of places to visit then Tinseltown Christmas Emporium should be part of your sightseeing highlights.

Below are a couple of photographs of two special pieces, Belsnickel and Julenisse. You can listen to the local television interview about the new store at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2F2KIuRMsSw&feature=plcp









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