Naked Elf Transformations

This evening I attended the annual Christmas Party for the Ottawa Doll and Collector Guild in my hometown. At our November meeting I handed out naked elves to dress and bring back to the December Christmas party. I was excited to see what the members would come up with and I wasn’t disappointed. The first one to catch my eye was this little green velvet elf. His jacket and hat are trimmed in a brocade ribbon. A lot of thought went into his little accessories and his story. He’s sitting in Santa’s chair which Santa watches from behind.

These next two elves use very interesting techniques. The purple and green elf on the left was dressed with sticky-back felt sheets from the craft store.  No sewing was involved what-so-ever. The felt has a peel-back paper and sticks to itself.  The embellishments are glued on to finish the jester elf.  The little elf on the right is also a no-sew elf.  His costume was painted onto his body. Ribbon defines his waist and little bells accent his collar and sleeves. These delightful elves were a huge hit.

Below on the left is “Elv’is”. He comes with a gilded instrument, sheet music and an attitude. Next up is the snowflake elf on the right. He’s wearing a red felt tunic with snowflake cutouts.

But . . . I think the one that boggled my mind was this next piece . . . the lady who put this together collects everything “COKE”.  The boy elf’s hat is a bottle cap. Check out the elf sandals.  The Coke refrigerator holds Coke and snowballs. An amazing vignette.

Here are just a few more creations to check out.  Don’t forget if you are interested in a naked elf just send me an email and I’ll ship you a naked elf.  They’re only $10 and include the patterns. You can email me at

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