Gift Ideas

Party season is fast approaching and if you’re like me, I always find myself scrambling to put together a hostess gift at the last minute. One thing I like to do is bake – so I always have an assortment of cookies in the freezer ready to go if I need to put a cookie tray together quickly. This idea works well with store bought cookies or even a box of chocolates. To make my goodies stand out I always include a cookie elf either holding the tray or package or part of the arrangement. Here’s a picture of Albert sitting right on top of the plate of cookies holding the cellophane together. This presentation is fun to put together, but it’s even more delightful to receive.
A wine bottle is always an appropriate hostess gift for a dinner party, but in most cases nobody ever remembers the wine or the presentation. Here are two ideas for preparing a wine bottle gift. The first is one of my artist’s limited edition resin ornaments. Each piece was reproduced from one of my original sculptures and hand painted in a pearlized silver finish with crystal details. It looks great hanging around the neck of a wine bottle and can then be hung on your tree as a beautiful heirloom ornament. Being from Italian background it goes without saying that this is a bottle of my Dad’s homemade wine.
For a more whimsical presentation wrap a little elf around the neck of the bottle –                I guarantee your hostess will remember this. Or put an elf in a wine bag instead of a bottle or together with one. Either way they make a wonderful hostess gift. Here’s Oliver toasting your hostess.

Do you have an idea you want to share? I would love to hear how you incorporated an elf into a gift idea or perhaps a family tradition that includes the elves. Please let me know and I’ll include it in a future blog. You can send it to me at or by leaving a comment on my blog.

By the way we ship orders every two weeks and our next shipping date is November 22, so get your orders in before November 20th to be part of the next shipment.

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